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While the Boston Public Schools are currently closed for students due to Covid-19, hiring teams are moving forward in getting schools staffed for SY2021. Please apply to positions for which you are qualified and prepare for virtual interviews, demo lessons, and other remote hiring practices!

To begin a new application, choose a job from the listings below. After your application is complete, you will receive a confirmation number and your information will be saved, allowing you to return at any time to submit additional applications.

Please remember your username and password for use on future applications.

Please note that after July 1, the Office of Human Capital will not approve lateral moves between schools. This is to minimize vacancies arising close to the start of the school year.

IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL ISSUES WHILE TRYING TO APPLY, please try clearing your browser cache and cookies. You can also click here for chat or email support from our vendor's technical support team.
Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Teacher - Early Childhood and Moderate Disabilities/Inclusion, K2 (Long-Term Substitute) (SY20-21)08/03/2020Substitute Teacher (S85001)Curley K-8 SchoolApply
Assistant Principal, [Orchard Gardens] (SY20-21)08/03/2020Asst Principal Middle (S10121)Orchard Gardens K-8 SchoolApply
Teacher - Moderate Disabilities/Emotional Impairment, Kindergarten (SEI Endorsement Required) [SY20-21]08/02/2020Teacher (S20315)Edison K-8 SchoolApply
Teacher - Moderate Disabilities/[LAB Cluster] (SEI Endorsement Required) (SY20-21)08/02/2020Teacher (S20315)Ellis ElementaryApply
Executive Director, Immigrant and Targeted Populations (SY20-21) (Anticipated Vacancy)07/31/2020Director (E) (non-ac) (S00233)Central Office - Achievement GapApply
Teacher - Moderate Disabilities - Resource (SEI Endorsement Required) (SY20-21)07/31/2020Teacher (S20315)Henderson K-12 SchoolApply
Paraprofessional [Instructional Aide] - [UP Academy] (Temporary Vacancy) (SY20-21)07/31/2020Paraprofessional (S20105)UP Academy DorchesterApply
Cluster Substitute Teacher - [East Boston EEC] - (SY20-21)07/31/2020Cluster Substitute (S85003)East Boston EECApply
School Nurse [0.5 FTE PART-TIME] (SY20-21)07/31/2020Nurse (S20270)Quincy Upper SchoolApply
Teacher - Early Childhood and Moderate Disabilities/Inclusion Gr. K2 [Long-Term Substitute] (SEI Endorsement Required) (SY20-21)07/31/2020Substitute Teacher (S85001)Kennedy, PJ ElementaryApply
Teacher - Moderate Disabilities - Resource [Part time 0.6FTE] (SEI Endorsement Required) (SY20-21)07/31/2020Teacher (S20315)Tynan ElementaryApply
Paraprofessional - Sped Sub/Sep. Aide - SPED Autism Programs - [Lee K-8] (SY20-21)07/31/2020Paraprofessional (S20105)Lee K-8 SchoolApply
Specialist (BTU), ABA Strand [Madison Park 0.5 FTE/ CASH 0.5 FTE] [BCBA Required] (SY20-21)07/31/2020Specialist (BTU) (S20302)Madison Park Technical Vocational HighApply
Paraprofessional - [Sped Sub/Sep. Aide SPED Learning Disabled ] [Fenway High] (SY20-21)07/31/2020Paraprofessional (S20105)Fenway HighApply
Inclusive Practices Support Specialist (Anticipated Vacancy) (SY20-21)07/30/2020Specialist (BTU) (S20302)Central Office - Special EducationApply
Program Developer, Early Childhood (SY20-21)07/30/2020Program Director (Basas 9) (S10173)Central Office - Early Learning ServicesApply
Assistant Director for Culturally and Linguistically Sustaining Professional Learning (SY20-21)07/30/2020Manager (C) (non-ac) (S00295)Central Office - Achievement GapApply
Paraprofessional - [Instructional Aide] [Young Achievers] (SY20-21)07/30/2020Paraprofessional (S20105)Young Achievers K-8 SchoolApply
Paraprofessional - [Sped Sub/Sep. Aide SPED inclusion Programs ] [Mattahunt Elementary] (SY20-21)07/30/2020Paraprofessional (S20105)Mattahunt ElementaryApply
Specialist (BTU), ABA Strand [CASH 0.5 FTE / Madison Park 0.5 FTE] [BCBA Required] (SY20-21)07/30/2020Specialist (BTU) (S20302)Community Academy of Science and HealthApply
School Guidance Counselor (SY20-21)07/29/2020Guidance Counselor(1) (S20233)New Mission HighApply
Teacher - English and Moderate Disabilities/Inclusion, Gr. 9-12 (SEI Endorsement Required) (SY20-21)07/29/2020Teacher (S20315)New Mission HighApply
Surround Care Paraprofessional - [Mason] (SY20-21)07/29/2020Surround Care Paraprofessional (S01050)Mason ElementaryApply
STIPENDED OPPORTUNITY: English Learner (EL) Parent Info Session Teacher (Summer 2020)07/29/2020--Central Office - ELLApply
Program Director, Visual and Performing Arts (BASAS 9A) (SY20-21)07/29/2020Program Director (Basas 9A) (S10192)Boston Latin SchoolApply
Teacher - Elementary and Moderate Disabilities/Inclusion, Gr. 6 (SEI Endorsement Required) (Anticipated Vacancy) (SY20-21)07/29/2020Teacher (S20315)Higginson-Lewis K-8 SchoolApply
Teacher - Physical Education [PART-TIME .6 FTE] (SY20-21)07/29/2020Teacher (S20315)Clap ElementaryApply
Paraprofessional - [Instructional Aide KDG Programs] [Tobin K-8] (SY20-21)07/29/2020Paraprofessional (S20105)Tobin K-8 SchoolApply
Teacher - Elementary, Gr. 4 (Long-Term Substitute) (SY20-21)07/28/2020Substitute Teacher (S85001)Trotter K-8 SchoolApply
STIPEND OPPORTUNITY: Student Assignment Data Support (SY20-21)07/28/2020--Central Office - Welcome ServicesApply
Paraprofessional - [Bilingual Ed. Aide SEI Multilingual, Gr. 1] [Murphy K-8] (SY20-21)07/28/2020Paraprofessional (S20105)Murphy K-8 SchoolApply
Paraprofessional - [Sped Sub/Sep. Aide SPED Multihandicpd classes G1- ] [Murphy K-8] (SY20-21)07/28/2020Paraprofessional (S20105)Murphy K-8 SchoolApply
Cluster Substitute Teacher - [Murphy K-8] (SY20-21)07/28/2020Cluster Substitute (S85003)Murphy K-8 SchoolApply
EL Equity and Accountability Program Manager (SY20-21)07/28/2020Manager (C) (non-ac) (S00295)Central Office - ELLApply
Speech-Language Pathologist, Pre-K Initiative [0.5 FTE] (SY20-21)07/28/2020Speech & Language Pathologist (S20317)Central Office - Special EducationApply
Speech-Language Pathologist, Pre-K Initiative (SY20-21)07/28/2020Speech & Language Pathologist (S20317)Central Office - Special EducationApply
Occupational Therapist, Universal Pre-K Initiative (SY20-21)07/28/2020Occupational Therapist (S20318)Central Office - Special EducationApply
Teacher - Social Studies, 9-12 (Long-Term Substitute) (SY20-21)07/28/2020Substitute Teacher (S85001)Diplomas PlusApply
Teacher - Foreign Language Spanish/French, 9-12 (Long-Term Substitute) (SY20-21)07/28/2020Substitute Teacher (S85001)O'Bryant SchoolApply
Teacher - Moderate Disabilities - Resource (SEI Endorsement Required) (SY20-21)07/27/2020Teacher (S20315)Holmes ElementaryApply
BEES Project Coordinator (SY20-21)07/27/2020Coord-Manager (B) (S00162)Central Office - AcademicsApply
Coverage School Nurse (SY20-21)07/27/2020Nurse (S20270)Central Office - BPS Health ServiceApply
Teacher - Elementary and Moderate Disabilities/Inclusion, Gr. 1 (Long Term Substitute) (SY20-21)07/27/2020Substitute Teacher (S85001)Jackson-Mann K-8 SchoolApply
ABA Specialist (SY20-21)07/27/2020ABA Specialist (BTU) (S20113)Central Office - Special EducationApply
Teacher - English as a Second Language, Gr. K-6 [Everett Elementary] [Anticipated Vacancy] (SY20-21)07/24/2020Teacher (S20315)Everett ElementaryApply
Teacher - Foreign Language [Spanish], 9-12 (Anticipated Vacancy) (SY20-21)07/24/2020Teacher (S20315)O'Bryant SchoolApply
Turnaround: Security Paraprofessional - [0.8 FTE PART-TIME] (SY20-21)07/24/2020Security Para (S20110)Excel HighApply
Teacher - Elementary Specialist (Science/STEAM Focus) (SEI Endorsement Required) (PART-TIME .6 FTE) (SY20-21)07/24/2020Teacher (S20315)Alighieri MontessoriApply
Paraprofessional - [Instructional Aide KDG Programs, K1 [McKay K-8 School] (SY20-21)07/24/2020Paraprofessional (S20105)McKay K-8 SchoolApply
Community Field Coordinator (CFC) - Charlestown High School (SY20-21)07/23/2020Community Field Coordinator (S20100)Charlestown HighApply