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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Manager of Strategy and Analytics02/22/2017Manager (C) (non-ac) (S00295)Central Office - COOApply
Paraprofessional [SPED, Grades K1-5] - [Dever Elementary] - [SY16-17]02/21/2017Paraprofessional (S20105)BPS Dever ElementaryApply
Paraprofessional [Autism Strand - K0] - [Umana] - (SY16-17)02/21/2017Paraprofessional (S20105)Umana AcademyApply
Paraprofessional [Learning Disabled Strand] - [Edwards Middle School] - (SY16-17)02/21/2017Paraprofessional (S20105)BPS Edwards MiddleApply
Translation and Interpretation Technician (Spanish)02/17/2017Technician (B) (S00450)Central Office - ELLApply
Translation and Interpretation Technician (Chinese/Vietnamese)02/17/2017Technician (B) (S00450)Central Office - ELLApply
Paraprofessional [SPED Sub/Sep Aide, SPED Inclusion Program, Grade K0-5] - [Blackstone Elementary] - [SY16-17]02/16/2017Paraprofessional (S20105)BPS Blackstone ElementaryApply
Community Field Coordinator (CFC) - [Everett Elementary Schoo] [0.4 - Part Time] - [SY16-17]02/16/2017Community Field Coordinator (S20100)BPS Everett ElementaryApply
Guild - Principal Account Clerk 2102/15/2017Prin Account Clerk 21 (S30225)Central Office - Planning & EngineeringApply
Director of Programmatic Improvement-Special Education02/14/2017Director (D) (non-ac) (S00234)Central Office - Special EducationApply
Paraprofessional [Sped. Sub./Sep. Aide - Learning Disabled Strand] - [Sarah Greenwood] - (SY16-17)02/10/2017Paraprofessional (S20105)Greenwood, S K-8Apply
Teacher -Elementary - SPED Inclusion - Grade 5 (Long Term Sub) (SY16-17)02/10/2017Teacher (S20315)BPS Manning ElementaryApply
Teacher - Moderate Disabilities/Resource (Long-Term Substitute) (Part-Time 0.5 FTE) (SY16-17)02/07/2017Substitute Teacher (S85001)King K-8Apply
Paraprofessional [Emotional Impairment Strand] - [S. Greenwood] - (SY16-17)02/07/2017Paraprofessional (S20105)Greenwood, S K-8Apply
Teacher-Moderate Disabilities/Emotional Impairment Strand SubSep (Long-Term Substitute) (SY16-17)02/06/2017Substitute Teacher (S85001)Greenwood, S K-8Apply
Substitute Teacher - District Wide (SY2016-17)02/06/2017Substitute Teacher (S85001)Central Office - Office of Human CapitalApply
Teacher-English as a Second Language, K-5 (Long-Term Substitute) Part-Time 0.5 FTE (SY16-17)02/03/2017Substitute Teacher (S85001)BPS Blackstone ElementaryApply
Paraprofessional - SPED Sub/Sep. Aide - Early Childhood - K1 - [Roosevelt School] - [SY16-17] [Temporary Vacancy}02/03/2017Paraprofessional (S20105)Roosevelt K-8Apply
Paraprofessional - Instructional Assistant Teacher/Trainee [McKinley SEA] Y16-17)02/03/2017Paraprofessional (S20105)McKinley Elementary SEAApply
ELL Instructional and Support Specialist02/02/2017Manager (C) (non-ac) (S00295)Central Office - ELLApply
Community Field Coordinator (CFC) - [Frederick Pilot Middle] - [Part-Time 0.5 FTE] [SY16-17]02/01/2017Community Field Coordinator (S20100)Frederick Pilot MiddleApply
ROTC Instructor (SY1617) (Long Term Sub)02/01/2017Substitute Teacher (S85001)BPS Burke HighApply
Paraprofessional - Boston Green Academy - (SY16-17)02/01/2017Paraprofessional (S20105)Green AcademyApply
Teacher- English as a Second Language/English Language Arts, 9-12 (Long Term Sub)02/01/2017Substitute Teacher (S85001)BPS Brighton HighApply
One to One Paraprofessional - Conley Elementary [SY16-17]01/27/2017One to One Para (S20102)Central Office - Special EducationApply
Cluster Substitute Teacher - Eliot K-8 Innovation School - SY16-1701/26/2017Cluster Substitute (S85003)Eliot K-8Apply
Teacher-Grade 10 English Language Arts (SY16-17) (Long Term Sub)01/26/2017Substitute Teacher (S85001)BPS O'Bryant SchoolApply
Teacher-Severe Disabilities [Autism K2/Grade 1] (SY16-17)01/25/2017Substitute Teacher (S85001)Jackson/Mann K-8Apply
Surround Care Paraprofessional - [Ellison/Parks] - [SY16-17]01/24/2017Surround Care Paraprofessional (S01050)Ellison/Parks EESApply
Teacher-SIFE/Native Language Literacy, 9-12 (SY16-17)(Long Term Substitute)01/24/2017Substitute Teacher (S85001)Newcomers AcademyApply
Teacher-SIFE/English as a Second Language, 9-12 (SY16-17)(Long Term Substitute)01/24/2017Substitute Teacher (S85001)Newcomers AcademyApply
Director of Special Education Operations and Service Implementation01/23/2017Director (D) (non-ac) (S00234)Central Office - Special EducationApply
Teacher- English as a Second Language/English Language Arts, 9-12 (Long Term Sub)01/20/2017Substitute Teacher (S85001)BPS Charlestown HighApply
Teacher - Kindergarten 1-2 (Long-Term Substitute) (SY16-17)01/20/2017Substitute Teacher (S85001)BPS Trotter ElementaryApply
Teacher-Instructional Technology, 6-12 (SY16-17) (Long-Term Substitute)01/19/2017Substitute Teacher (S85001)Henderson K-12 Inclusion SchoolApply
Grant Coordinator01/18/2017Coord-Manager (B) (S00162)Central Office - Health & WellnessApply
Teacher - Elementary Grade 1 (Long-Term Substitute) (SY16-17)01/18/2017Teacher (S20315)Tobin K-8Apply
Community Field Coordinator (CFC) - [Frederick] - [SY16-17]01/18/2017Community Field Coordinator (S20100)Frederick Pilot MiddleApply
STIPEND OPPORTUNITY: Family Student Engagement (FSE) Teacher01/18/2017--Central Office - OFEApply
STIPEND OPPORTUNITY: Parent-Teacher Home Visit School Based Coordinator01/18/2017--Central Office - OFEApply
STIPEND OPPORTUNITY: Parent-Teacher Home Visit Project Teacher01/18/2017--Central Office - OFEApply
Paraprofessional - Sped Sub/Sep. Aide - SPED Autistic Programs, [BPS English High - Turnaround] (SY16-17)01/18/2017Paraprofessional (S20105)BPS English HighApply
Paraprofessional - Sped Sub/Sep. Aide- SPED Learning Disabled, (Temporary Vacancy) [Sumner] (SY16-17)01/17/2017Paraprofessional (S20105)BPS Sumner ElementaryApply
Teacher-Kindergarten/Early Childhood(SY16-17) (Long Term Sub)01/14/2017Substitute Teacher (S85001)Henderson K-12 Inclusion SchoolApply
School Guidance Counselor (SY16-17)(Long-Term Substitute)01/11/2017Substitute Teacher (S85001)BPS O'Bryant SchoolApply
Teacher - Visual Arts (Long Term Substitute)(SY16-17)01/11/2017Substitute Teacher (S85001)BPS Mather ElementaryApply
Teacher-Mathematics, [9-12] (SEI Endorsement Required) (SY16-17) (Long-Term Substitute)01/11/2017Substitute Teacher (S85001)BPS Brighton HighApply
Stipend Opportunity: Twilight Credit Recovery Program - Content Teachers01/09/2017Over-Time Stipend Other (SDM002)Central Office - Extended Learning TimeApply
Turnaround: VOCATIONAL TECH TEACHER/Health Assisting (SY16-17)(Long-Term Substitute)01/06/2017Teacher (S20315)BPS English HighApply
Teacher-Mathematics/SEI Haitian, [9-12] (SEI Endorsement Required) (SY16-17) (Long-Term Substitute)01/06/2017Substitute Teacher (S85001)Tech Boston AcademyApply