This vacancy is the result of temporary funding through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER). The duration of the funding means the position is temporary and may last for one, two, or three years. Hired candidates may be excessed or non-renewed from the position for the following school year. 








The Health Education Instructional Coach is a two-year position supported by ESSER funds. 


The Office of Health and Wellness (OHW) plays a critical role in supporting schools in the implementation of the BPS Wellness Policy, a Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Approach, which is a national model to link learning and health. As a district, our mission is to actively promote the health and wellness of all students to support both their healthy development and readiness to learn. OHW is committed to supporting schools in their efforts to create safe, healthy and sustaining learning environments.  OHW provides professional development, tiered instructional coaching, assessment & data, program evaluation support, resource development and selection in the following areas: physical education, health education, social emotional learning, restorative practices, wellness councils, physical activity and health promotions. OHW is a part of the Academics Division.


In collaboration with the Health Education Director and Health Education Team, the Instructional Coach will work with BPS teachers and staff to support their implementation of high quality, standards-based PreK-12 Comprehensive Health Education.  The Instructional Coach will work directly with teachers/staff in schools by modeling high quality instruction in a variety of formats; offering collaborative and one-on-one coaching; and facilitating centralized professional development. The Instructional Coach will focus on enhancing teachers' ability to provide skills-based health education instruction across all topic areas utilizing National Standards, BPS Health Education Frameworks, Student Learning Outcomes, and standards-based curricular units.  Using best practices in peer-coaching, the Instructional Coach will work with Health Education teachers, as well as other teachers and staff who teach and support the delivery of Health Education across the District in one-on-one and small group settings to expand and refine their professional practices. The Instructional Coach will assist and support schools in their integration of health education in the school community and work with administrators and teachers to align their work with district priorities. The Instructional Coach will support the broader work of the Health and Wellness Department, including facilitating access to other resources pertaining to wellness policies, initiatives, and promotions in schools. 




Will report to the Health Education Director and will  provide professional development and instructional coaching to teachers and staff on the implementation of high quality, skills and standards-based district-endorsed HE curriculum


Assist those who are teaching and supporting the delivery of health education in their schools to establish and maintain safe & supportive learning environments, and help implement district wellness policies, procedures and initiatives







COMPENSATION RANGE: Group I + 5% differential.


The Boston Public Schools, in accordance with its nondiscrimination policies, does not discriminate in its programs, facilities, employment, or educational opportunities on the basis of race, color, age, criminal record (inquiries only), disability, homelessness, sex/gender, gender identity, religion, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, genetics or military status and does not tolerate any form of retaliation, or bias-based intimidation, threat or harassment that demeans individuals’ dignity or interferes with their ability to learn or work.