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STIPEND OPPORTUNITY: Twilight - Content Teacher (Fall 2021) (515870)

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TitleSTIPEND OPPORTUNITY: Twilight - Content Teacher (Fall 2021)
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Twilight - Content Teacher (Fall 2021)



PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Twilight is a 10 week intensive credit recovery program designed to give high school seniors who have failed courses in any major subject area a chance to earn back credits to graduate on time. It is held twice per year in the Fall and Spring semesters at the John D. O’Bryant School. Students are able to choose from a range of core courses, and can earn up to two credits per Twilight session. ***Fall 2021 will be in person***


REPORTS TO: Position reports to the Office of Academics and Professional Learning.


CURRENT NEED: 1 Teacher for Algebra 1/Geometry, 1 Teacher for Physics/Chemistry, and 1 Teacher for ELA 9/10


PROGRAM SCHEDULE: Twilight Teachers are required to attend all scheduled planning meetings, training and professional development sessions, work all required program hours, as well as complete all required wrap up duties, as indicated in job description. 


The Program will run during the following dates and times (see full calendar here):

  • October 5 - December 16 (snow makeup days as needed December 21 and 23, no class Veteran’s Day, during Thanksgiving break or Christmas break)
  • One hour staff orientation session, Thursday September 30 Online, 4-5PM
  • Teachers are required to be present at least 15 minutes before the program starts daily (at 3:45 p.m. 
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4-7pm (Session 1: 4-5:30; Session 2: 5:30-7)



Twilight Teachers provide students with rigorous instruction that demonstrates the BPS core competencies for effective teaching listed below. Due to the short duration of Twilight and the critical need to boost student learning during this time, it is particularly important that teachers in the Twilight program:

  • Prepare cognitively-demanding lessons, assignments and enrichment activities (requires some planning work outside of regular program hours) 
  • Differentiate instruction so that all students complete rigorous academic work.
  • Establish a productive learning environment and classroom culture in which all students are respected.
  • Work with site coordinator to maintain timely student attendance and progress records.
  • Work with site coordinator and other program staff to ensure all outcome goals are on track to be met, including academic outcomes and social-emotional skill development outcomes.
  • Provide students, families, site coordinators and program staff with relevant and timely data.
  • Oversee classroom management; enforce discipline code.
  • Care for program materials and resources.
  • Perform other related duties as requested.


CORE COMPETENCIES: Using the Rubric of Effective Teaching, the Office of Human Capital has identified priority skills and abilities that all BPS teachers should possess:

  • Accountability for Student Achievement
    • Set ambitious learning goals for all students, create cognitively demanding tasks, and model the belief that all students can master challenging material through effective effort.
    • Assess student understanding regularly with ambitious learning goals in mind and take ownership of making necessary adjustments to instruction to reach goals despite setbacks.
    • Display passion and optimism about students, content, and the teaching profession.
  • Communicating Content Knowledge
    • Demonstrate mastery of and enthusiasm for content area and the pedagogy it requires.
    • Demonstrate understanding for how subject matter applies in real-world settings and connects to other content areas and relevant standards.
    • Convey content in creative and engaging ways that align to standards.
  •  Equitable & Effective Instruction
  • Scaffold and differentiate instruction so that all students do complex thinking and rigorous academic work.
  • Use instructional practices that are likely to challenge, motivate, and engage all students and facilitate equitable, active student participation.
  • Build a productive learning environment where every student participates and is valued as part of the class community.
  • Cultural Proficiency
    • Actively create and maintain an environment in which students’ diverse backgrounds, identities, strengths, and challenges are respected.
  • Parent/Family Engagement
    • Engage with families and build collaborative, respectful relationships in service of student learning.
  • Professional Reflection & Collaboration
    • Regularly reflect on practice, seek and respond to feedback, and demonstrate self-awareness and commitment to continuous learning and development.
    • Participate in and contribute to a collaborative adult learning community. 



  • $40/hr - Total compensation is set based on hours of work, including professional development, on-site program time, and additional duties. 
    • Payroll will be processed after receipt of completed timesheets in the pay period after the completion of each Twilight semester, in accordance with BPS payroll schedule.


  • Per contractual requirements, Managerial Employees may not receive a stipend for this position.



  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Massachusetts teaching license in Secondary ELA, Math, Science, or History
  • At least 1 year of professional teaching experience
  • Experience with BPS student information system, Aspen
  • Current authorization to work in the United States. Candidates must have such authorization by their first day of employment.



  • Current teacher in the Boston Public Schools.
  • ESL Teaching License and/or SEI Endorsement
  • Prior experience working in Twilight and/or another Expanded Learning program
  • Technology-savvy
  • BPS values linguistic diversity and believes that candidates who speak another language bring added value to the classroom, school, and district culture and diversity. BPS is particularly interested in candidates who are fluent in one of BPS' official languages: Spanish, Creole (Cape Verdean), Creole (Haitian), Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, & Somali.
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LocationCentral Office - Academics

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Start Date09/23/2021
End Date10/23/2021